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Healthy spreads

foodspring spreads can help you achieve your goals in sports and everyday life. Our bestselling Protein Creams have 85% less sugar than conventional sweet spreads – and our vegan variety has 8x more protein. Just Nuts are some of the cleanest spreads around, with up to only four organic ingredients. And our rich Peanut Butter is made from nothing but whole organic peanuts.

All spreads by foodspring are subject to strict quality checks. Meticulous craftsmanship and a special low-impact manufacturing process make our products incomparable – for a holistic health and fitness approach. Nutrient dense, our spreads are the perfect choice for a little boost at work, home or after training – even eaten straight off a spoon.

Healthy spreads deliver top-quality protein and valuable nutrients for improved muscle function. Our gentle manufacturing processes and meticulously selected raw materials ensure that nutrients and enzymes remain fully active for optimised nutritional effect.