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Certified organic

Organic foods are in high demand. Rightly so. It doesn’t necessarily always have to be organic, but you should never compromise with certain foods.

“We trust the strict certificates and seals when it comes to our organic foods. In addition to that, we work closely with our suppliers and make sure to maintain sustainable value chains and transparent communication.”

Organic food follows very clear rules, and their contents are independently monitored and controlled. That is how we can guarantee that anything with the “organic” label truly is “organic”.

Our organic protein has revolutionised the protein market. As one of the first of its kins, our organic protein really stood out for its natural flavour – without any artificial sweeteners or chemical additives. Instead with real vanilla pods and cocoa powder.

Our peanut butter is at the top of the chain when it comes to flavour. The organically farmed peanuts are peeled and roasted with their skins on. What does that mean for you? The best flavour and full of nutrients.

We go one step further for our soy based protein porridge and put our trust in regional soya from Lake Constance and from Austria that is carefully cultivated in a traditional family business.

We travelled the world to find the absolute best of the best for our Organic Nuts and Berries. One thing is perfectly clear: Organic quality is a must if you want to maintain the valuable nutrients contained in these premium ingredients. The same goes for our white Chia Seeds. Organic goji berries and our organic coconut oil also stand out with their raw food quality. There’s nothing more low-impact.