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Nutrition Coach – empathetic, competent & solution-oriented

Our online Nutrition Coach is really a team of nutritionists offering advice & support for our customers. We are at your disposal for all issues related to nutrition and sports nutrition and take care of individual concerns on a personal level. We also aim to impart practical knowledge as your nutrition coach.

The goal of our coaching is for you to become more aware of your personal eating habits and to offer specific recommendations for a long-term change in diet.

The “traditional" nutrition coach

A nutrition coach offers advice on all important matters relating to the subject of nutrition. In addition to our expertise in the field of nutrition, we also aim to be empathetic towards the needs of the individual. When it comes to offering advice on the subject of nutrition, the starting point of each individual must always be taken into account. That not only includes knowing about food intolerances and allergies, but also special likes and dislikes towards individual foods.

The core competences of a nutrition coach are essentially in 3 areas:

  • Professional competence
  • Social competence
  • Solution orientation

1. Professional competence

Professional competence in the field of nutrition is the cornerstone for any good nutrition coach. A nutrition coach understands and recognises biochemical processes in the body and uses them as the foundation for his advice.

He knows all about the macro nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and the relevance of micro nutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) for physical performance.

A nutrition coach is also able to create personalised nutrition plans that are tailored to the needs of the client. He can determine the total energy expenditure composed of the basal metabolic rate and the active metabolic rate and can specify the total amount of calories required depending on the physical target.

2. Social competence

In addition to professional competence, social competence is a defining factor of a good nutrition coach. Empathy is a key quality when it comes to social interaction.

Nutrition makes up a large part of our daily life and is therefore a sensitive issue that is heavily influenced by our attitudes and rituals. Helping someone to break these habits and change their diet requires a lot of tact and an understanding of the overall situation of each client.

Building a relationship of trust with clients is therefore crucial to the success of a nutrition coach and is largely determined by mutual trust. Diets can be changed step by step, once trust has been established.

3. Solution orientation

When it comes to eating habits, individuals differ enormously and nutrition coaches face a completely new challenge with each new client. He must tackle the problem presented to him in an individual and solution-oriented manner, whilst keeping the social and bio-chemical conditions of each individual in mind.

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