Muscle building recipes: Nutrition for strong muscles

Recipes for building muscle mass should be easy to prepare and have a high protein content. A high nutrient content is particularly important for muscle growth and maintenance. A sufficient calorie intake offers the muscles enough building blocks to build new muscle tissue. Cooking for muscle building is only fun long-term if you vary the recipes.

If you're serious about muscle building, then an appropriate diet is unavoidable. The importance and the benefits of proteins, carbohydrates and fats for muscle building are crucial. Building muscle mass is extremely difficult if you don't consume enough calories.

We have created the best recipes for building muscle. You'll be amazed how diverse the meal plan for strong muscles can be. Have fun trying our recipes!

Who are muscle building recipes designed for?

The muscle building recipes are primarily designed for anyone who does regular physical exercise, trains their muscles or is serious about building muscle mass. Maybe one of the following target groups best describes you:

  • Athletes who want to actively build muscle with weight training
  • Athletes looking for high-protein snacks for work or on the go
  • Athletes searching for inspiration and new recipes
  • Athletes who want to improve their regeneration and performance with nutrition
  • Athletes looking for recipes for their muscle building nutrition plan

3 benefits of muscle building recipes

With our recipes for building muscle mass, you can choose the right meals for muscle building and include them in your muscle building nutrition plan. We will show you the three biggest benefits.

1. Rich in protein

Our muscle building recipes primarily rely on a high protein content. The supply of proteins – and particularly essential amino acids – is important for building new muscle tissue. Long-term muscle building can only be achieved with a sufficient protein supply. We will also give you a list of foods containing protein to complete your nutrition plan and recipe list.

2. High in calories

Maintaining a positive overall energy balance is important for successful muscle building. Your body can only afford the luxury of building new muscle mass if you consume more calories than you expend. High-calorie meals and recipes are the best way of maintaining a so-called calorie surplus. These always consist of a healthy mix of high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. With the help of our easy-to-prepare Power Shakes you can easily consume up to 1,000 extra calories – the perfect foundation for building muscle mass.

3. Quick & easy to prepare

Recipes for building muscle don't have to take the same time and effort as an exclusive 5-course menu. The main focus should be on supplying the best nutrients for muscle building.

With our simple recipes for protein bars you can even create your own high-protein snacks for work.

Sports nutrition and muscle building recipes

The common theme for all our muscle building recipes is a high protein content. Protein shakes like whey or casein protein are great for boosting the protein content of a recipe. These proteins are ideal as a supplement for protein-rich recipes. Protein powder is heat-resistant and therefore suitable for baking. Simple recipes like protein pancakes or protein ice cream can be created in no time. Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to using protein powder.