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The 2022 Food & Fitness Trends We Can’t Stop Thinking About

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Are you the type who’s always on top of the latest food and fitness trends – or even one step ahead? Then we’ve got what you need. According to the German Institute of the Future and health experts, these are the food and fitness trends for 2022. And we can’t stop thinking about these can’t-miss concepts: everything from conscious meat consumption to exotic fruits grown in your own backyard to fitness for your mind as well as your body!

As in the past, sustainability is a top theme in 2022. Alongside the standby, though, get ready for some fascinating fitness fads. Challenge your mind alongside your body or turn your balcony into the envy of all with one-of-a-kind fruits! If you’re looking for a health-conscious and varied way to eat and keep in shape, 2022 is gonna be your year!

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#1 Grow Local Exotics

The trend of growing your own produce is predicted to slip right along into the new year with us. Ever-growing numbers of green-thumbed foodies are opting to grow their own tomatoes, raspberries, lettuce heads, and more on their balcony or garden space. 2022 will see this trend further explode and invite the chance to experiment. Local exotics bring a splash of the unexpected into your very own soil. Try out some far-flung fruits like the haskap berry: a blue fruit found in Siberia and Canada, it’s got more antioxidants than a blueberry. This superfood plays well with other plants and doesn’t take over your garden. If you’ve been wondering whether to pick up a gardening hobby, there’s no time like the present!

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#2 Be a Real Omnivore

Omnivore is the term used for people who eat everything: plant and animal products alike. The year 2022 will mark the debut of the “real omnivores.” What do we mean? These eaters prioritize a health-conscious, responsible way of eating, with no exceptions. They “really” eat everything that is sustainable and regional. The vegan diet will also remain a huge deal. However, omnivores might have the occasional piece of meat, as long as it’s been kept sustainably. Opening your doors to this 2022 food trend might also see a package of cricket protein bars or cuttlefish jerky on your plate.

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#3 Zero Waste

Get rid of the extra plastic. And stop wasting more food than you need to. This is one of the 2022 food and fitness trends we can all get behind! Experts predict that the battle against waste will keep being waged, but in new and creative ways. The newest thinking is not only to recycle trash, but also try not to create it in the first place.

There are already tons of examples being put into action. Food sharing projects in Berlin bring foods that can no longer be sold – but are still perfectly good to eat – from foodsavers and foodsharers to social organizations. 2022 will see this food trend grow. The initiative will spread to everyone who can contribute to sharing and protecting our planet’s limited resources. Are you in?

#4 2022 Food Trends

There are three foods you won’t be able to escape in 2022. Sunflower seeds are due to have a huge comeback. These nutrient-packed superfood kernels can stand in for mince on top of your pasta or add a special something to your ice cream, yogurt, spreads, and even butter.

The vitamin-C-packed hibiscus is also on trend. From teas to fizzy drinks, yogurt, jams, and more: This blossom lends its sweet and tangy note to anything.

A brand-new one is the citrus fruit yuzu. It comes from Asia, is as big as a mandarin, and tastes sour. Find it in a salad with yuzu dressing, yuzu cakes, or lip-smacking yuzu drinks. Gear up your tastebuds for this new one!

Editor’s Tip: Our free recipe database is a trove of more than 350 inspirations for any health-conscious kitchen. From classics to top trends, you’ll find everything you need to keep you on your culinary toes.

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#5 Mind-and-Body Fitness

Sports can change and challenge more than just your outside. A great workout is far more than burning muscles, sweat dripping, and a pounding heart rate. The best workouts also keep our minds engaged and reward us with a great feeling afterwards. 2022 will see workouts becoming more holistic: Mind-and-body fitness is a full-on trend. Look for tripping beats, live-streamed sessions and community events, innovative equipment and interactive offers for your home gym, motivational power talks about topics like mindfulness and nutrition, meditiations after your hardcore HIIT session is over, and more.

#6 Outdoor Workouts

We’ve seen sports moving outdoors for the past few years as a matter of necessity. And in 2022 this is going to explode into a mega trend that you’ll hardly be able to escape from. Whether it’s nature-themed workouts like trail running, sports with your dog, fresh-air boot camps, or yoga in the forest or on a paddleboard – get ready to be lured outside more often than not.

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#7 Low-Impact Fitness

Pushing yourself to your absolute limit is so 2021. Experts are predicting that hardcore workouts are on the way out for everyone who’s not a competitive athlete. Low-impact is the 2022 fitness trend to watch out for. Extra bonus? It’s sooooo much more inclusive for all bodies. If you’ve wanted to join in on sports while your body has issues with jumping or running, 2022 might be the year that coaches finally listen up. The classics will be there: think yoga, Pilates, flexibility exercises and stability training. But on top of that, we’ll be seeing the rise of joint-friendly cardio sports like rowing. And keep your eyes peeled for low-impact HIIT workouts, too. They’ll make you sweat while being gentle on your knees, shoulders, and hips. It’s not only your joints that will thank you: abled readers, imagine your downstairs neighbors’ joy when the squat-jump thump-thump is a thing of the past!

#8 Breathwork

You’ve been doing it without thinking about it since you were born – and you’d die without it. What could we be talking about? Breathing! Here’s something most people don’t know: Breathing is about more than just air coming in and out. With conscious control of your breathing, you can use it to regulate emotions, increase performance, and strengthen your immune system. No wonder breathwork is on everyone’s minds and lips as one of the biggest 2022 food and fitness trends.

Try a few simple breathing exercises right now to see what a difference it can make when you change the way you take just a few breaths!

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