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7 Tricks to Improving Self-Confidence at the Gym

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Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Self: With hard work and a lot of discipline, you’ve got closer to the body you want, but is your self-confidence still on the puny side? Feel under prepared next to all the fitness influencers or start to wonder if the gym is even where you belong? With our tips on how to be confident at the gym, you can kiss your self-doubt goodbye!

The gym rats pumping impressively heavy weights and admiring their steel-hard muscles in the mirror – every single one of us knows those pros at the gym who make you feel like a total hack and kind of out of place. You don’t have a problem with your self-confidence in everyday life, so why is it harder to maintain this inner confidence at the gym? Worrying about using a piece of equipment incorrectly or being judged can melt your belief in yourself and take away the fun of working out. Conquer your doubts and get back in the flow with our seven tips!

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Tip 1: Follow a Workout Plan

All the pros looking super confident at the gym have one thing in common: they train according to a plan. Having a clear set of exercises takes away a lot of your insecurity, so it’s key to work out with a training plan that fits your fitness goals from the very beginning. Check out our free workout plans for every level here!

It’s also important to start out with a coach to show you how to use all the equipment and the correct technique for each exercise. Then you’ll get it right from the get-go, with no reason to doubt yourself.

Tip 2: Feel Confident at the Gym by Wearing Clothes that Feel Good

Yes, this sounds superficial, but let’s be real: It makes a difference if you’re working out in an outfit that doesn’t breathe and is digging into your skin, or if you’re wearing clothes that are 100 percent comfortable. On top of that, the right look will boost your motivation and get you feeling your most self confident at the gym!

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Tip 3: Avoid Rush Hour

Most gyms are at their busiest between 4 and 8 p.m. A lot of people are drawn to the gym after work, meaning that’s when you’re more likely to have to share equipment, feel the odd sideways glance, or start feeling surrounded by experts who are totally confident at the gym. If you notice you feel uncomfortable when it’s that busy, try to avoid going to the gym when it’s full and work out during the first half of the day or later in the evening.

Tip 4: Ask For Help

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re trying out a new piece of equipment and don’t know the settings or are unsure of your execution. You can only get better (and more confident!) at the gym if you’re willing to keep learning. Also, remember that everyone starts from scratch – even the pros with massive delts and washboard abs. And most of them, like you, are happy to support fellow gym-goers.

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Tip 5: Measure Your Progress

A great way to stay motivated and confident at the gym is to measure your progress. If you can see how far you’ve come and track your fitness journey consistently, you’ll feel much more confident after just a few weeks. In addition to classic measurements like body fat and waist and hip circumference, we recommend taking full body photos on a regular basis. They document your journey in a more detailed way.

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Tip 6: Focus on Yourself

One of the most important tips: Stop comparing yourself to everyone else at the gym. Much like other situations in life! If you constantly look at how great other people are, you’re likely to feel more insecure and inadequate. When you do that, you’re only ever seeing part of the picture. That lifting pro in the corner might be just as much a beginner in cardio training or fall over when they try downward facing dog. And even if they don’t – honestly, who cares?

Instead of wondering about other people’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s so much more productive to focus on yourself. After all, you’re at the gym because of you. Pursue your personal goal and admire your unique body every step of the way for what it is: wonderful! This will make you more confident at the gym and, in the end, you’ll have much more fun!

Tip 7: Work Out With a Gym Buddy

Last but not least, get someone by your side! Work out with a friend, a colleague, or someone you met at the gym. Having someone to train with makes the time fly by, and you can also help each other out, motivate one another, and each boost your confidence at the gym.

Extra tip: If you prefer to work out alone, make yourself a soundtrack. Your favorite music can spur you on to your peak performance and help you put your best foot forward.

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