Courgette spaghetti with mushrooms and pomegranate seeds

Courgette spaghetti with mushrooms and pomegranate seeds

Low-carb pasta for weight loss

20 mins
Weight Loss

Nutritional value: per portion

Calories 49 kcal
per 100 g
Carbs 3 g
per 100 g
Protein 2 g
per 100 g
Fat 3 g
per 100 g


2 courgettes (medium)
200 g mushrooms
1/2 pomegranate (medium)
1 avocado
40 g basil
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp ea salt
black pepper
basil to garnish

Preparing the courgette spaghetti with mushrooms and pomegranate seeds

  • Cut your courgette into spaghetti using a spiral cutter. Lightly salt the courgette spaghetti, massage the salt in and set aside.

  • Clean your mushrooms, cut them into slices or small pieces. Halve your pomegranate and de-seed out of one half.

  • Peel, core and cut your avocado into large pieces for the sauce. Wash, dry and cut the basil into strips. Mix everything together in a bowl with lemon juice, sea salt and pepper.

  • Lightly squeeze the water out of the courgette and mix with the mushrooms and pomegranate seeds.

  • Arrange everything on your plates and put the avocado cream into a separate bowl. Garnish with some basil to finish.



Tip: De-seed your pomegranate thoroughly 

Halve the fruits, turn a half over and hold the peel over a large bowl or plate. Tap your tablespoon hard on the shell, so the seed fall out through your wide spread fingers. Scrape out the remaining seeds with your spoon.