How do we develop the most revolutionary foods of our time?
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Our origins

Our objective: Take sports nutrition to the next level. With its certified organic quality, our protein powder has made quite a splash in the trade. With milk from pastured cows, we have shaken the foundations of crusty old structures. And given fitness enthusiasts some food for thought.

The time has come to take another step forward. Trailblazing quality. Refined and advanced.

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Our claim
"For us, quality is no empty promise. It is the result of hard work."
Tobi & Philipp, founders of foodspring

There are plenty of foods to choose from. But that is not the point. The point is quality and nutritional benefit. The point is that goji berries contain seven times as much vitamin C than oranges. That coconut oil displays significantly more heat stability than olive oil. And that – in contrast to traditionally dried fruits – vacuum drying retains 80% of vitamins in our Crunchy Fruits.

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Our approach

From Berlin to the world

Our mission begins all over again with every product. For this painstaking approach, outstanding ideas are what is needed. Pure passion. And the best experts in each field of specialisation. Precisely this is to be found in Germany. The land of poets and thinkers. And the country with the highest food standards in the world.

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A passion for innovation.

Our objective: Be better than the status quo. Better with the results, the ingredients, the simplicity and the taste. All this we achieve through our laboratory in Berlin. Through patented methods. And through our nutritionists, food chemists and process engineers. In the end, you receive a product that really takes you further.

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Globally regional

Coconuts from the Philippines. Goji berries from the mountain ranges of Ningxia. Or soya from the Lake Constance area. We source our raw materials only from places where they can grow entirely unspoilt and under the most natural conditions. To find them, we embark on an exciting voyage of discovery for each product. So that we can source the very best ingredients worldwide. And, whenever nature allows, we rely on raw materials we can obtain close to home.

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From the world to Berlin

Quality means something different for everyone. This is why we trust in recognised quality standards, such as certification to HACCP, ISO and BIO. With the aim of constantly surpassing them. Our production sites are located where the product quality is highest. For 96% of our products, this is Germany (last revised: 03/2016). One exception, for example, is our beef jerky, which is produced by proud tradition in the United Kingdom from local cattle and processed by hand. We never compromise: neither with the quality of the raw materials nor in the production process. That is why, with every single one of our products, you hold a promise of quality in your hands.

Regional farm in Germany
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